Let’s explore JS consoling

debugging js


use of console.assert() method
use of the console.assert() method


use of the console.clear() method



use of the console.resetCount() method


without enabling debug option
after enabling debug option


use of the console.dir() method


use of the console.dirxml() method


use of the console.error() method

console.group, console.groupEnd() & console.groupCollapsed()

calling the console.group(), console.groupEnd() method with a name
calling the console.group() method without a name
collapsed log using console.groupCollapsed() method
after clicking the collapsed icon


use of the console.info() method


use of the console.log() method


use of the console.table() method
printing a particular column(s)
use of the .time(), .timeEnd() and .timeLog() method


use of the console.trace() method


use of the console.warn() method




A software engineer from Bangladesh.

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Mehedi Hassan Sunny

Mehedi Hassan Sunny

A software engineer from Bangladesh.

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